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Urban Issues: Mapping Social Hot Spots, Culture Shock & SF Tech Enclaves, 'Chief Resilience Officer', LA Finds $42.6 Million Accounting Error


Tampa Teams Up with Researchers to Map Social Hot Spots 

Tampa Bay Times


Lines on a map are one thing. But maybe real-time data on where people shop, eat and hang out can reveal more about the life of the city.

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Culture Shock and San Francisco's Tech Enclaves 

Programming is Terrible, via: @andybosselman


I'm quite lucky. In March I took the time to take a genuine break from my real life, and escape to San Francisco to celebrate my thirtieth orbit around the sun.

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Why It's Hard to Kill Redevelopment in San Diego 

Voice of San Diego, via: @otiswhite


Statewide, redevelopment is still dead. But the San Diego version that rose from its ashes, Civic San Diego, has been taking some baby steps toward what leaders hope is its future as a local reincarnate of the program that subsidized development projects to improve urban neighborhoods.

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Establishing 'Chief Resilience Officer' in 100 Cities Worldwide 

Next City


The Rockefeller Foundation today launched a $100 million competition to make 100 cities worldwide more resilient to natural disasters.

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Los Angeles Finds $42.6 Million in Accounting Error 



During years of cuts to basic services, Los Angeles city officials say, nearly $43 million piled up unnoticed in a Department of Transportation fund because of an accounting error.

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