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Urban Issues: Millenial House Buying, Austin Development Permit Backlog, 2012 Metro Year In Jobs, Google Picks Provo For Fiber


Forest City's Ratner to Step Down as CEO 

Wall Street Journal


Forest City Enterprises Inc. (FCEA, FCEB) said Bruce Ratner will step down as chief executive of Brooklyn-based unit Forest City Ratner Co., effective immediately, and it named MaryAnne Gilmartin, its executive vice president of commercial and residential development, to succeed him.

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Millenials Buying Houses Before Marriage 

USA Today


There's love and marriage and then there's love and a mortgage.

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Austin Finally Clears Development Permit Backlog 

Austin American Statesman, via: @code_studio


Austin city officials declared an end Wednesday to a paperwork backlog that has added weeks or months to the wait time for people seeking permission to start home-improvement projects, such as a new sunroom or bathroom remodel.

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Does the Location of Elite Colleges Hurt Economy? 

The Atlantic Cities


Americans were up in arms last month when a Princeton alum wrote a letter to the school's "young women" urging them to spend their college years seeking an ideal mate from among the pre-screened student body.

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The 2012 Metro Year in Jobs 

The Urbanophile


Last month the BLS put out the first official release of annual job data for metropolitan areas, so I wanted to take a brief look at this for large metro areas (more than one million in population, based on old metro area definitions that the BLS still uses).

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Google Selects Provo for Third Fiber Installation 



Joining Kansas City, Mo./Kan., and Austin, Texas, in Google's ultra-high-speed fiber plan, the company announced Wednesday, April 17, that Provo, Utah, will be the third city to receive the network.

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Is New York Gentrification by Plan, Not Markets? 

The Nation, via: Rooflines


Anyone walking around New York City, visitor or resident, might think the place had been laid out by the chaotic mind of the market.

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