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Urban Issues: Nashville's Symphony Trouble, Stockton Housing Bubble, Housing Discrimination, Seattle Housing & Rail


Nashville's Symphony In Trouble 

The Urbanophile


Nashville has been on a roll in recent years, with a rapidly growing population (including a rapidly expanding immigrant base), robust job growth (#1 among large cities in 2012 on a percentage basis), and lots of positive national press.

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Warnings of a Central Valley Housing Bubble 

Stockton City Limits


Housing prices continue to skyrocket in Stockton, posting huge year-over-year increases. Inventory is running low, pushing prices even higher.

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Role of Anchor Institutions in Supporting Economic Development 

HUD , via: @ The Horizon


The Role of Anchor Institutions in Sustaining Community Economic Development analyzes the positive impact that institutions of higher education can have in stabilizing and improving the nation's struggling communities.

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Housing Descrimination Still Exists, in Subtle Forms 

The Atlantic Cities


When the Department of Housing and Urban Development first began to systemically study housing discrimination in the United States in the 1970s, the most blatant forms of it were still common.

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Rail Lines Bring Housing Clashes in Seattle 

Wall Street Journal


When the Central Link light-rail line opened here four years ago, city officials were hoping it would spur economic development in the working-class neighborhood of Rainier Valley.

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