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Urban Issues: New Jersey's Youthful Urbanites, Learning To 'Fail Fast', Sequester Cuts Housing Aid, New Childless Norm


Old Guard Sees New Youthful Urbanites as Threat in New Jersey 

Huffington Post


To many longtime Jersey City residents, there's no better mascot than their mayor, a colorful veteran of the region's rough-and-tumble politics who released an album of Christmas classics while in office.

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Can Government Learn to "Fail Fast"? 

Washington Post, David Alpert


Can government experiment? Here's a common pattern: An agency spends a few years working on a project that could improve residents' lives.

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Denver Region Residents Gravitating Towards Adams County 

Denver Post, via: @otiswhite


Valerie Gonzalez and Rich Rojas wanted to stay in Denver when the Park Hill home they were renting went into foreclosure in 2009.

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Macro Influences that Keep St. Louis Flourishing 

American Dirt


In the most decentralized of American cities, much of the urban fabric that prospered until at least the Great Depression (if not later) suffered such devastation in the second half of the twentieth century that one could claim it was wiped off the face of the earth.

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After Waiting Six Years for Section 8, Sequester Takes It Away 

Minnesota Post


How would you feel if you finally got something that you'd waited six years for only to have it suddenly yanked away?

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Childless Households Have Become the Norm 

Housing Perspectives


In 1960 almost half of all households were families with children under 18. Since then, the number has fallen to under 30 percent (Figure 1).

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The More Diverse a Region, The More Segregated 

The Atlantic Cities


Think about 1970. Which metro do you think was the least segregated? Which was the most segregated?

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Startup Places and Companies That Locate There 

Smart Growth America


Small tech startups are coming together in cities across the country to build communities of innovation and collaboration.

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