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Urban Issues: Portand Incentives For Nike, Affordable Housing & Transport Options, Rethinking Town Centers


Portland Considers Luring Nike to South Waterfront with Incentives 

Portland Oregonian


Attempting to lure Nike to Portland's South Waterfront District, city officials have considered offering unprecedented financial incentives of about $80 million for parking garages, parks and new streets tied to a massive company expansion, The Oregonian has learned.

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Affordable Housing Linked to Transportation Options 

Inside Tucson Business


Corky Poster, former director of the University of Arizona's Drachman Institute, says "Housing is only affordable if housing and transportation work together."

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Rethinking Town Centers in Rise of Online Shopping 

Urban Times


Take a stroll into the average town centre today and you'll be met with, the usual combination of banks, restaurants, charity shops, coffee shops and ever increasingly so, boarded up, empty shops.

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Hong Kong's Bookstore of Banned Books 

The Atlantic Cities


Information wants to be free, so the saying goes, and in China's repressive media environment, millions still manage to circumvent government censorship to access sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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