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Urban Issues: Poverty As Contagion of Obesity Epidemic, Seattle Affordable Housing Shortage, Land Conservancy Affordable TOD Land Purchase


Poverty Ignored Contagion of Obesity Epidemic 

New York Times


Under the category "Summer Rentals That Have Gone Terribly Wrong," there are perhaps few parallels to the experience of Charles Henry Warren, a Manhattan banker who, in 1906, took a house in Oyster Bay on Long Island's North Shore.

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Jack Dorsey Should Choose St. Louis, Not New York for Mayoral Run 

Policy Mic


Much has been made of Jack Dorsey's admission on 60 Minutes that he intends to run for mayor of New York someday, an interesting choice for a non-native who lacks prior political experience, but not entirely unheard-of among billionaires.

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Shortage of Close in Affordable Housing in Booming Seattle 

Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce


This week, real estate and community development thought leaders from around the U.S. will be gathering in Seattle to explore a variety of housing issues faced by urban areas seeking to regain their footing and position themselves to be competitive in the post-recession environment.

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Two Londons, A Look at Superrich Housing 

Vanity Fair


Who really lives at One Hyde Park, called the world's most expensive residential building?

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Land Conservancy Purchases Land for Affordable TOD 

Denver Post


The Urban Land Conservancy has purchased 9.4 acres of land at Smith Road and Colorado Boulevard in northeast Park Hill to develop 156 permanently affordable apartments along the East rail line.

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Urban Affairs Specialist Grady Clay Dies 

Courier Journal


Grady Clay, a journalist and a leading national authority on urban design who wrote for The Courier-Journal and edited Landscape Architecture Quarterly, died Sunday after developing a blood clot.

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Food Trucks Stimulate Favela Economies 

The Pop Up City


As you've read on The Pop-Up City, food trucks have been "all the rage" in cities around the world for the past few years.

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The Urban Legacy of Hugo Chavez 

This Big City


It's been almost two weeks since the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The news broke suddenly, delivered in a tearful speech by Chavez's second-in-command, Nicolás Maduro, and within minutes the world was ablaze with official statements

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Back to Roommates When Small Apartments Are Gone 

Seattle Transit Blog


Last month, I made the argument that, in a transit-friendly city, there ought to be a variety of affordable housing options within walking distance of frequent, all-day transit.

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Opposition to Stadium Subsidies 

Atlanta Journal Constitution, via: Planetizen


Falcons owner Arthur Blank and city leaders in Atlanta are pushing to build a new $1 billion football stadium to replace the 20-year-old publicly-financed Georgia Dome.

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