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Urban Issues: Reporting Chicago Violence, Atlantic City's Fate, Infrastructure & India's Development, Silicon Valley Class Divide


Reporter Reflects on 20 Years Reporting Chicago Violence 

The Fader, via: @owashb


For the past 20 years, Alex Kotlowitz has been reporting on why young people in Chicago shoot each other.

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Is it the End of Atlantic City? 

Next City


Atlantic City casinos withstood the pounding winds and rain when Hurricane Sandy hit last fall.

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Transport Infrastructure Impacts on Indian Economic History 

A Fine Theorem, via: Economist Free Exchange


Somehow I've never written about Dave Donaldson's incredible Indian railroad paper before; as it has a fair claim on being the best job market paper in the past few years, it's time to rectify that.

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Trying to Decide Where Other People Live 

Smart Growth Seattle


Deciding where to live is a decision that each of us has had to make at one point in our lives. Should we live in a house or an apartment?

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Punishing Shared Housing Ownership Success 



During the worst years of the Great American Mortgage Meltdown, shared equity homes represented an island of stability in a turbulent sea of market failure.

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Africa Should be Wary of its New Cities 

Next City, via: @rgoodspeed


Planned, self-contained cities are popping up all over Africa, and no one knows what their impact might be. In this guest blog post, Nairobi-based urban practitioner Jane Lumumba argues they might only make social and economic problems worse.

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Silicon Valley's Class Divide Exposed by Jet Center 

New York Times, via: @Richard_Florida


The approval of a new corporate jet center at this city's struggling airport might have been just another losing skirmish in the battle between Silicon Valley billionaires and middle-class neighborhoods worried about noise pollution.

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