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Urban Issues: Social Media & Planners, Seattle Foreclosure Pain, Online Taxes & Local Stores, Chicago Housing Growth


Social Media Can Help Planners, Two Cases 

Planetizen, Brent Todarian


With the right approach, social media can expedite the exchange of information between stakeholders, facilitate participatory planning, and build better places.

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Seattle's Foreclosure Pain by Zip Code 



2008 was a rough year for America. The "Great Recession" officially hit, sending home prices - and the fates of many home owners

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Online Taxes May Not Help Brick and Mortar Stores 

The Atlantic Cities


Some 300 years ago, Russian monarch Peter the Great had a problem. He wanted to modernize his country and that meant getting men to ditch their beards-a backwards and unclean symbol in his mind.

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A New Look at Affordability in Vancouver BC 

Get Your Head Into It, via: Price Tags


If you are Vancouverite (like me) not a lot of time goes by until you hear or experience how unaffordable this city is. Vancouver is widely recognized as one of the world's least affordable cities.

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Housing Growth Slowing Around Chicago Transit Stops 

Chicago Tribune


Despite the high-selling prices of residences located near public transit, the creation of new housing has lagged in sections of the Chicago area near CTA and Metra rail stations, compared with more robust development in transit zones in New York, Philadelphia, Boston and San Francisco

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A Small Town Pharmacy Survives in the City 

Wall Street Journal


Opened in 1838, C.O. Bigelow on Sixth Avenue operates under the slogan, "If you can't find it anywhere else, try Bigelow." But in its 175th year, the storied pharmacy remains as noteworthy for the only-in-Manhattan mix of the famous and regular folk who search the shelves.

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