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Urban Issues: Struggling To Reach Suburban Poor, Different Cities We Inhabit, SNAP & Diet Quality, Devolution Of London


Advocates Struggle To Reach Growing Ranks Of Suburban Poor 



Poverty has grown everywhere in the U.S. in recent years, but mostly in the suburbs. During the 2000s, it grew twice as fast in suburban areas as in cities, with more than 16 million poor people now living in the nation's suburbs

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The Different Cities We Inhabit 

Pedestrian Observations


I do not know many people who live in Boston proper. I know about a hundred who live in the Greater Boston area, but only a small minority lives in the city proper, as is of course true in general.

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Suburban Poverty Rates Soar Across America 

Next City


Poverty isn't just an urban issue anymore. The poverty rates across America have soared in recent years, but since 2000 have increased twice as fast in the American suburbs (53 percent) as in cities (23 percent)

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Participation in SNAP Leads to Modest Changes in Diet Quality 

USDA Economic Research Service


Research has shown that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (formerly the Food Stamp Program) effectively reduces food insecurity, but questions remain about the extent to which it affects the quality of adult participants' diets.

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The Suburbanization of Poverty 

The Atlantic Cities


There is no word more evocative in the urban vernacular than "suburb." For most of us, those two syllables conjure a very specific type of place, with a specific kind of people comfortably living there.

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Why Suburban Poverty Is Less Visible and More Insidious 

The Atlantic Cities


We've been talking today - both at Atlantic Cities and across town with our Washington, D.C. neighbors the Brookings Institution - about the suburbanization of poverty in America

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Devolution May Help London Solve City Problems 

Guardian UK


Recommendations in the London finance commission's report would let councils respond quickly to local issues

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Black-Market Electronics Trade Keeps Nairobi Youth Employed 

Next City Informal City Dialogues


James makes his living selling electronics in Nairobi. He works eight hours a day, plus weekends if he has customers, to support his wife and their young child.

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