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Urban Issues: Template For New LA, Food Desert Mobile Oasis, Seattle Affordable Housing Failure, Reversing Atlanta Job Sprawl


Hollywood as a Template for a New Los Angeles 

Los Angeles Times


Over 12 years as the area's councilman, he has championed high-density 'smart growth' that's been business-friendly. But community activists worry about rising rents and traffic-choked streets.

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In a Food Desert, Markets Make Mobile Oasis 

Virginian Pilot


The steam from a plump roasted yam greets Peggy Miller for dinner most days. It doesn't take much to satisfy the 72-year-old's appetite, but she's picky about what's on her plate. Fresh vegetables are her first choice, but they're not easy to come by in Ballentine.

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Big City Philanthropy in Dallas 

City Journal, via: @urbanophile


One mild evening last October, under a bright full moon, Dallas celebrated the fact that, for the first time, it had a real city center-a beautiful 5.2-acre space called Klyde Warren Park.

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The Ghetto is Public Policy's Past 

The Atlantic , Ta-Nehisi Coates, via: @capntransit


Reader Devin Bunten sent me a note expanding on the problems of contract-buying, redlining, and the kind of segregated housing market that characterized America through much of the 20th century:

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Seattle City Council Falls Short on Affordable Housing, Again 

Better Institutions


As a part of the ongoing redevelopment wars going on in the South Lake Union neighorhood, Publicola recently wrote about yet another half-measure approved by the Seattle City Council, this time in regard to the fees developers pay for additional density.

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3 Things for Nonprofits to Remember About Abandoned Properties 



'Do nothing' is not an option. So says Jerry Flach, construction project director at Paterson Habitat for Humanity, of the need to take action on New Jersey's vacant and abandoned properties as means for revitalization and stabilization in the state's most vulnerable neighborhoods.

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Job Sprawl Leader Atlanta Shows Signs of Reversal 

DC Streetsblog


When it comes to job sprawl, few regions have been as gung-ho as Atlanta. During the 2000s, Atlanta area employers sprawled at twice the national average.

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Should Foundations be all in On Missions? 

Denver Post


What would our world be like if charitable law required foundations to invest all of their assets in ways consistent with their charitable missions?

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Detroit Determined to be Insolvent 

Detroit News


Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr says the city of Detroit's cash-flow crisis makes it "insolvent" and unable to borrow more money to mask over debts being made worse by skipping millions in payments for retiree pensions and health care.

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