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Urban Issues: The Great Senior Housing Sell Off, SF Housing Movement, Sexual Politics Of Urban Environments, H1-B Visa Race, Transit Spending & Unemployment In Fresno


Get Ready for the Great Senior Housing Sell Off 

Chicago Tribune


Something in salmon compels them to swim upstream. An invisible force calls swallows to return to Capistrano.

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Learning from San Francisco's Housing Movement 



Do you wish your city had rent control, inclusionary housing, and a new permanent source of affordable housing funding?

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The Sexual Politics of Navigating Urban Environments 

Metropolis Magazine


We live in cities because of the buzz, energy, and excitement generated by so many bodies - not to mention the convenience of having everything we need at our fingertips.

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What Happened to the White House Office of Urban Affairs? 



Four years ago, city officials were thrilled when President Obama announced the creation of the White House Office of Urban Affairs.

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H1-B Visa Race Begins Today 



Reforming immigration may be at the top of the news, but as it dominates the headlines our existing system continues apace.

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Is Lack of Transit Spending in Fresno Keeping Unemployment High? 

Stop and Move, via:


Over at The Transport Politic, Yonah Freemark recently wrote an excellent article looking at per capital funding across the nation for transit.

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New Biography on the "Mother of the Movement", Rosa Parks 

New York Times Book Review, via: The Source


Beautiful Rosa Parks sits alone in the Montgomery, Ala., city bus she desegregated, an image endlessly replicated, most recently on an American postage stamp issued in February to commemorate Black History Month and what would have been Parks's 100th birthday.

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The Secret Lives of Sanitation Workers 

The Atlantic Cities


Have you ever wondered about the secret life of your trash after you toss it into the dumpster, or after it has disappeared from your curb?

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Is Housing Scarcity Bad for Homeowners? 

Drawing Rings Around the World


The other day I agreed with noted urban thinker EconomistHulk that we should build more homes by densifying existing urban areas where there is high demand, and also that this densification is frequently blocked by existing property owners for reasons of self-interest.

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