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Urban Issues: Vancouver Affordability, Geography Of US Suicides, Atlanta In-Town Job Migration, NYC Apartments Sue Bikeshare


Pushing Back on Wendell Cox's Vancouver Claims 

Price Tags


If (you've) heard once, (you've) heard a hundred times that it takes about 10 years of average household income to buy an average home, and that this renders us the second least affordable city in the entire world, or at least the English-speaking world.

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Hidden Geography of Suicide in the United States 

The Atlantic Cities


You probably saw the headlines late last week: suicides among middle-aged Americans appear to have surged over the past decade.

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In Town Job Growth and Sprawl 

Atlanta Journal Constitution


News of employment activity in downtown Atlanta was topped off recently when we learned Coca-Cola expects to relocate at least 500 workers to the city core from the 'burbs in Cobb County. Is Atlanta experiencing a sustainable in-town jobs migration?

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The Fight Against Small Apartments 

The Stranger Slog


In May of 2009, a rumor was floating around City Hall. Homeowners on Capitol Hill were furious about a construction project.

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Learning from Observant Neighbors 

Rust Wire


May 7th, will be a day that lives on fondly in Cleveland for years to come. Families can breathe a united sigh of relief as a community trauma comes to a bittersweet end.

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NYC Apartments Sue Bikeshare for Fear of Lost Property Value 

NYC Streetsblog


Setting aside the sheer entitlement it must take to sue the city over a public amenity installed on the public right of way, let's just appreciate the irony of the complaints coming from anti-bike-share litigants.

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Will Filtering or "Trickle Down" Keep Housing Affordable? 

Greater Greater Washington


The rising supply of high-end apartments has slowed the rise in prices (at least outside the hottest areas). Will that make housing more affordable for people who can't afford the fanciest apartments?

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Does Rising Homeownership Predict Future Unemployment? 

DC Streetsblog


If your idea of the American dream is to spend your mornings and evenings alone in an idling car surrounded on all sides by other lonely people in other idling cars, by all means, buy a house.

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