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Urban Issues: Visualizing Spatial & Social Media, Nashville MPO Example, Hidden Subsidies In Cities, Home Ownership & American Dream


Five Things Portland Can Steal from Other Cities 

Portland Oregonian


From city mayors to business leaders, people from around the globe used to arrive in droves to see how Portland came to be such a livable city. They then took those ideas back to their own communities.

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Vancouver Reformist Changed City's Direction 

Vancouver Sun


Art Phillips, who as mayor in the early 1970s set in motion Vancouver's later emergence as a model for livable downtown density, has died.

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Visualizing the Spatial and Social Media 

Digital Urban


Visualising Spatial and Social Media - Working Paper 190 from the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis University College London is now available to download.

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Survey: Home Ownership Not Central to American Dream 

Los Angeles Times, via: Smart Growth America


Data may show that the housing markets are in recovery, but a lot of people are still asking: "Who really needs to buy a home anyway?"

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Nashville Sets Example for MPOs 

Tri State Transportation Campaign


In the United States, metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) set the transportation priorities for urbanized regions with populations of at least 50,000, and they determine which transportation projects receive federal dollars.

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What Counties are Larger Than Whole States? 

Greater Greater Washington


We know that DC has more people than Wyoming and about to pass Vermont.

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Hidden Subsidies in Cities 

Green Economics


In Davis, California, a new lawsuit contends that residents have been paying a price premium for sewer use and this collected money has been silently used to cross-subsidize the disposal of waste water from government buildings.

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