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Urban Issues: Well-Paying Job Shift, Omaha Bike & Sprawl Debate, NOLA Transit Equity Focus, Importance Of Code Enforcement


Minnesota's Well Paying Jobs Shift to Health Care 

Twin Cities Finance and Commerce


It is less blue collar - unless blue nurses scrubs count.

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Omaha Mayoral Debates Focus on Bikes, Sprawl 

Omaha World Herald


The Omaha mayoral candidates were all over the road Tuesday on those two big city issues, with several questioning the wisdom of Mayor Jim Suttle's decisions to hire a bike czar and to develop bike lanes downtown.

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New Orleans Transit Officials Focus on Improving Equity 

New Orleans Times Picayune


Responding to changes last year in how the federal government enforces provisions of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the New Orleans Regional Transportation Authority released a plan Tuesday for ensuring that decisions on everything from fare adjustments to bus routes don't disproportionately harm minority or low-income communities.

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Five Things Cities and CDCs Don't Get About Code Enforcement 

National Housing Institute's Rooflines


In most circles, all you have to do is say "code enforcement" and people start mumbling about previous engagements.

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Younger Generation Center of Downtown Real Estate Booms 



One of the main factors businesses consider when deciding on where to relocate or expand is the available pool of college-educated workers.

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Would Pro City Managers Clean Up Rust Belt City Halls? 



Recently, the City of Youngstown invested in a $250,000, 251-page study to review how it currently operates and how it might improve its overall efficiency (or lack thereof) in a number of areas.

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Pittsburgh Looks to Tax the Medical Center 

Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space


Many cities have eyed the idea of local universities paying property taxes.

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The Next Housing Bubble Might be Here 

The Atlantic Cities


Is it time to start worrying about a new housing bubble? There's been plenty of commentary about investors snapping up houses in America.

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Plotting the Next World Tech Center in Ecuador 



Imagine it's 2023. Things have shifted in the world of technology, and I'm not just talking about the elimination of the standard-transmission vehicle in favor of autonomous transport.

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Vancouver BC Mayors Seek Control Over Transit Agency 

Vancouver Sun, via: Brent Toderian


Timing of transportation council report makes control over transit body an election issue

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