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Urbanism&Design: 100 Years Spatial Planning In Europe, Active Living Around Transit, St. Paul TOD Focus


Spatial Planning in Europe Over the Last 100 Years 

Planning Resource


The European Council of Spatial Planners has just published a book to mark "A Centenary of Spatial Planning in Europe".

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Active Living for All Ages, Neighborhoods Around Transit 



"You can take the girl out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the girl," says Lila Sanger, who grew up in New York City and found her perfect retirement home in the Jefferson, an independent living condo complex in one of Arlington, Virginia's dense urban neighborhoods near Metro.

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St. Paul Focuses in on Transit Oriented Development 

Twin Cities Finance and Commerce


With a number of housing developments completed or underway along the Central Corridor light-rail transit line, city of St. Paul officials are turning more attention to development they believe will increase jobs and economic activity along the route.

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Harvard Told Married Women They Couldn't be Planners in the 60s 

The Atlantic Cities


Longtime Washington Post restaurant critic Phyllis Richman originally wanted to be an urban planner, although she never got much farther than sending off an initial grad-school application to the Department of City and Regional Planning at Harvard's Graduate School of Design.

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Why Does Seattle Fear Urban Planning? 



Why is urban planning so feeble in Seattle? Why no major open space downtown? Why do opportunities, such as Seattle Commons or retooling Seattle Center, become battlegrounds?

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Crosswalk Will Keep Light Green for Peds 

Vision Systems, via: @TransportComm


With the idea that the standard allotment of time may not be enough for some people to make it across the street, the city of Cologne, Germany has installed two CMOS-camera based video pedestrian light systems that will recognize waiting pedestrians and extend the green phase if there are still people crossing after the standard [...]

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Taking Down a Freeway to Connect a Neighborhood 



After the Embarcadero and Central freeways were severely damaged in the Loma Prieta earthquake, San Francisco took a tragic situation and turned it into a great urban planning success story: the creation of the Embarcadero and Octavia boulevards.

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Rail Might Not Be Necessary for TOD 

The Atlantic Cities


The first thing that comes to mind with transit-oriented development, and sometimes the only thing, is proximity to a busy rail station.

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Is Tearing Down Dallas Freeway Quixotic Dream? 

D Magazine


I like the "A New Dallas" website and think it makes some compelling arguments for tearing out IH-435 (the stretch of freeway that connects U.S. 75 and Interstate 30 in downtown Dallas).

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