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Urbanism&Design: Balancing Rural Land Use, Urbanizing Montgomery County, Calming Parking Wars, Roman Concrete Recipe


Rural Land Use Requires Balance 

Lexington Herald Leader


A city task force created 15 months ago to consider zoning-law changes to allow more recreation and tourism opportunities in rural Fayette County recently made its report to the Urban County Council.

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Montgomery Zoning Rules Look to More Urban County 

Washington Post


Almost everyone familiar with the Montgomery County zoning ordinance agrees that it is bloated (1,200-plus pages), overly complex (more than 400 land-use categories) and encrusted with antiquated terminology.

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How to Calm the Parking Wars 

Slate Moneybox, via: @j_u_l_i


One of the main issues that leads people to oppose new real estate development in their neighborhood is parking. Access to street parking, in particular.

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Burnham Prize Winners Imagine BRT Station Designs 

Architects Newspaper


During the discussion that followed the announcement of 2013's Burnham Prize winners, much was made of the difference between "gold-standard" bus rapid transit and watered-down "express bus" service.

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Could Roman Concrete be Better Today's Recipe? 

The Atlantic Cities


The Romans didn't invent concrete, but they did establish its versatility. The structural ingenuity of the Baths of Caracalla, the Pont du Gard and the Pantheon would not be surpassed for a thousand years.

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Salt Lake City and the Mormon Grid Got It Right 

Salt Lake Tribune, via: DC Streetsblog


Salt Lake City has betrayed its founders' vision. That was the message delivered by renowned urbanist, architect and writer Andres Duany during a recent visit to Utah's capital.

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Palo Alto Voters Don't Want to Pay for Parking Structures 

Streetsblog Net


Palo Alto voters are reluctant to take on the cost of new parking structures via a bond measure, according to a recent poll commissioned by the City of Palo Alto. Voters feel more favorably toward investing in biking and walking.

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Japanese Art of Book Stacking 

Crikey Australia, Rocket News, via: Crikey Urbanist


With bookstores in Japan overflowing with manga, novels and non-fiction, it takes a lot to stand out and get noticed.

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Some Want Austin to Pay for Sprawl Fire Service 

Austin American Statesman, via: @ChrisBBradford


In the small northwest Travis County village of Volente, the fire department spent $4,335 per call last year. Meanwhile, the average fire department call in the Pflugerville area cost $1,637.

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