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Urbanism & Design: Bay Area Smart Growth Plan, Rooftop Ball Field, Age-Friendly Communities, Job Sprawl


Bay Area's Smart Growth Plan Has a Few Issues 

SF Streetsblog


Population growth in the Bay Area doesn't have to mean more traffic and more suburban sprawl, if it's planned for in a sustainable way.

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School Baseball Field Four Stories Up 

Yahoo! Sports


Usually, when an outfielder runs through or over the fence in pursuit of a potential home run, they are greeted with gusto when they return to the dugout.

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Why We Need Age-Friendly Communities 

Huffington Post


Many of us who care personally and professionally about aging, and millions more who admire the screen legend Bette Davis, may recall the adage attributed to her that "old age is no place for sissies."

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Separated Uses Can Make Sense in Some Situations 

Rebuilding Place in Urban Space


A big plank of libertarian thinking is that land use regulation is bad, that property owners ought to be able to proceed unfettered.

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Augmented Reality City Table Top 

Digital Urban


The Vuforia AR Extension for Unity allows developers to build AR apps using the cross-platform game engine - Unity.

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Job Sprawl is Largely a Factor of Geography 

Better Cities and Towns


The Brookings Institution reported that "job sprawl" continued in the last decade but slowed after the Great Recession.

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