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Urbanism & Design: Burying I-35, Urban Spaces, Web Places, Building Heights in Aspen


Cabinet Okays new Bangkok City Plan

The Nation Thailand


The Cabinet yesterday approved a new Bangkok City Plan to replace the one in use since 2006 and due to expire on May 15. Property-industry observers say the new plan will open up new locations for development near the mass-transit routes.

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“Economic Development” Almost Killed French Quarter

New Orleans the Lens


With the French Quarter Festival marking its 30th anniversary and tourism in New Orleans verging on its highest levels ever, I thought it was a good time to remind residents and visitors that the beautiful and unique environment we celebrate today was very nearly sacrificed on the altar of supposed economic development more than four [...]

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Idea to Bury I-35 in Austin

Austin Business Journals


Sinclair Black’s idea to sink and then build on top of I-35 through Austin is the latest – and one of the most ambitious – plan to bring Austin’s transportation system into the future.

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Edinburgh Tram Shelters Won’t Stop the Rain



IN some cities they are a luxurious waiting area with temperature controls and even padded seating. But when tram shelters finally line the streets of Edinburgh, passengers can expect to feel the full force of the 

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Aspen Mayoral Candidates Ponder Building Heights

Aspen Times


Today’s question: Earlier this year, a majority of Aspen City Council members (including the mayor, who is a voting member) agreed to tough restrictions on downtown development, including a 28-foot height limit for new and renovated building projects and a ban on new free-market residential projects. Do you agree or disagree with that decision?

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Crossover Between Urban Spaces, and Web Places

The Atlantic Cities


John Tolva, the Chief Technology Officer for the city of Chicago, gave a talk several years ago to a room full of architects in which considerable confusion ensued.

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Alternative to the Capital Project in Landscape Architecture



Beneath the deeply-shaded underbelly of an elevated section of Seattle’s I-5 freeway, Colonnade Bike Park tumbles freely downhill across steep and jumbled terrain, occupying formerly barren and listless ground.

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Triumph of Suburbia a Far Fetched Story

Better Cities and Towns


Joel Kotkin is on a roll in the past few weeks, now making the case that the revival of cities and decline of suburbs is a fraud perpetrated by a long list of elites and urbanists

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Madison’s Reality Distortion Field, The Farmer’s Market

The Urbanophile


Madison, Wisconsin is an incredible place. I mean that in both the literal and figurative senses of the word. The city has tangibly more vitality than say, Denver, at about one-sixth the size.

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Cars Will Not Define Cities of the Future

CNN Fortune Magazine


For decades, America has built its cities to accommodate cars. But automobiles will cease to hold sway over urban infrastructure, Fortune Brainstorm Green panelists predict.

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