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Urbanism & Design: China's New Urbanism, Lighting Designers Change Cities, Sunbelt Suburbs Show New Life, Decrepit Beauty


Peter Calthorpe on New Urbanism in China 

China Morning Post (Translated)


(Can be a bit hard to read but is interesting) A car in swarms, and complain about urban traffic congestion, poor air quality.

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Lighting Designers Changing Cities 

Architects Newspaper, via: @jerdeplaces


Lighting designers are applying the skills of their profession to further the goals of urban design, creating safer, more stimulating, and better functioning cities.

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Cities Should Sell Land for Money, Not Amenities 

Slate Moneybox


"Million Dollar Properties, $1 Deals" was the headline on Patrick Madden's great WAMU report on apparent sweetheart deals that DC property developers sometimes get when they want to build on city owned land.

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Sunbelt Suburbs Show New Life 

Bloomberg Businessweek


Reports of the death of suburbia have been exaggerated. After a five-year slump spurred by the collapse of the U.S. housing bubble, record gasoline prices and deepening poverty, the nation's largest suburbs showed increasing signs of life in 2012.

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The Decrepit Beauty of Dallas 

The Awl, via: @urbanphoto_blog


On a recent walk through downtown Dallas, I stopped to admire an old light fixture attached to an abandoned building.

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Learning How the Brain Maps 

The Atlantic Cities


About 40 years ago, researchers first began to suspect that we have neurons in our brains called "place cells."

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Group Backs Cut and Cover Tunnel Through Downtown 

Austin Impact News


Civic planner and architect Sinclair Black said he is relying on community support to turn an ambitious plan to radically transform I-35 through downtown into a reality.

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Why Do Cities Not Optimize Urban Value 

Strong Towns


We've seen a number of studies that indicate the traditional development pattern generates more wealth than conventional, auto-exclusive development over the long-term.

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Comprehensive Planning off the Beaten Path 

Better Cities and Towns


I tend to take the road less traveled. For whatever reason, conventional approaches have never interested me.

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Argument for More Density in Nashville's Intown 

Nashville Business Journal


Everywhere you look in Nashville's intown neighborhoods, developers are building multi-family housing or replatting existing lots for greater density.

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