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Urbanism & Design: Citizen Placemakers, Misapplying Transect To Region, Tyson's Tallest Skyscraper, Parking Garage Rooftop Bars


How to be a Citizen Placemaker 

Project for Public Spaces


Imagine that you live in a truly vibrant place: the bustling neighborhood of every Placemaker's dreams. Picture the streets, the local square, the waterfront, the public market.

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Misapplying the Transect to the Region 

Better Cities and Towns, via: @CDOTDirector


When it comes to misapplying - or, more commonly, overly simplifying - the Transect, we're all guilty on some level.

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Tyson's Tallest Skyscraper 

Greater Greater Washington


A proposed skyscraper in Tysons Corner will be 435 feet tall, making it the tallest in the DC region, and first to breach the 400 foot threshold.

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How to Turn a Free Parking Space Into a Subsidized Hotel 

SF Streetsblog


Want to cash in on prime San Francisco real estate that the city gives away for free? Some enterprising van owner shows how it's done on AirBnB

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Rooftop Bars on Empty Atop Empty Parking Garages 

Greater Greater Washington


Montgomery County has lots of empty parking garage roofs with great views, but they're closed to the public. We could take advantage of this wasted space by turning them into event spaces.

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Monaco to Push Back Sea for Luxury Development 

BBC News


Tiny, densely populated Monaco plans to push back the sea to make way for luxury apartment blocks and businesses.

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Plan for East Liberty Redevelopment in Pittsburgh 

Pittsburgh Post Gazette


The city's Urban Redevelopment Authority board is pushing ahead with a plan to divert a large portion of real estate and parking tax revenue from a host of projects in or near East Liberty to help fund road, pedestrian and other improvements in the area.

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