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Urbanism & Design: Connecting Bikes & Business, Miami Ballpark A Bad Deal, Nashville Subdivision Offers Walkability, Pedestrian Tunnels


Charlottesville Explores Connections Between Bikes, Business 

Charlottesville Tomorrow


Bikes and walking - we all know they are possible alternatives to driving cars.

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San Antonio Center City Development Pushing Further South 

San Antonio Business Journals


There has been plenty of redevelopment activity north of downtown San Antonio - along the Broadway corridor and at the former Pearl Brewery site.

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Evidence Miami Ballpark Was Horrible Deal for Taxpayers 

The Atlantic Cities


Add another item to the growing list of problems for the Miami Marlins and their $634 million, mostly publicly funded ballpark: empty storefronts.

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New Nashville Subdivisions Give Residents Walkability 

Nashville Tennessean


Forget what you think you know about suburban sprawl. Some of the Nashville region's most desirable neighborhoods aren't isolated in the countryside, miles from anywhere. They are in the heart of Franklin.

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Contemporary Infill Gentrification 

American Dirt


My latest post is at Urban Indy. It focuses on two small multi-family apartment developments in Fountain Square and Bates-Hendricks, neighborhoods on the near south side of Indianapolis' downtown that, while still very gritty, have become increasingly trendy in recent years.

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Zip Codes Define Us 

The New Republic, via: Atlantic Cities #cityreads


Mr. Zip, a gangly cartoonish figure with wide friendly eyes and a neat blue mail carrier's uniform, emerged fifty years ago to help the U.S. Postal Service promote its newest idea: five numbers added to our addresses to more clearly designate our locations.

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Pedestrian Tunnels and Transit 

Urban Life Signs


Making a transfer between rail lines can be frustrating, but it can also be a valuable bridge to getting to your destination. Without the bridge, you're stuck.

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