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Urbanism & Design: Crowdfunding Rotterdam Bridge, Density Done Well, Exclusive London, Seattle Small Lot Housing Fight, Parking & Affordable Housing


Moscow Business Complex Sees Rebirth 

Wall Street Journal


Watch out Canary Wharf, Moscow City is rising. Five years after grinding to a halt during the global economic crisis, the ambitious real-estate development in Moscow is fast becoming a reality.

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Rotterdam Crowdfunds a Bridge 

Toronto Star


A team of young architects crowdfunded a bridge in Rotterdam. Could it hold lessons for Toronto?

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Indianapolis' Outlying Areas Are Booming 

Indianapolis Monthly, via: @urbanophile


Zach Dobson steps into Joe's Butcher Shop, sandwiched between Auntie Em's custard shop and Mary & Martha's boutique on Carmel's Main Street.

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Density Done Well, Not Just Downtown 

Planetizen, Brent Todarian


A few months ago, I was honored to give the keynote speech at the Seattle Downtown Association's annual "State of Downtown event.

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Exclusive London, Even Residents are Visitors 

New York Times, via: @urbanphoto_blog


An odd thing was happening, or rather not happening, as dusk fell the other day across Belgravia, home to some of the world's most valuable real estate: almost no one seemed to be coming home. Perhaps half the windows were dark.

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Need to Make Places for Aging, Young 

Global Site Plans


As in many cities, Montreal has a need to create neighborhoods in which residents are able to age in place.

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Awful Person Destroyed the Fairy Door 

The Atlantic Cities


"Keebler elves?!?" guessed Arnold. "It leads down into the parking garage," tossed out the White Rabbit.

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Small Lot Housing Legislation Heats Up in Seattle 

Smart Growth Seattle


The good news is that people are paying attention to ideas for finalizing small-lot legislation in Seattle.

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Loose Parking Mandates, More Affordable Housing


A recent study by Michael Manville at UCLA [PDF] has been making the rounds on the Streetsblog Network.

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Phoenix's Walkability Gambit Might Pay Off 

The Atlantic Cities


Phoenix may never shake its reputation as an unsustainable city, but that isn't going to stop it from trying.

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