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Urbanism & Design: Dallas TOD & Library Seeks Developer, Seeding Micro Apartments, Street Artists Vs. Govt, Neighborhood Strength Is People


Dallas Seeks Private Developer for TOD, Library 

Dallas Morning News


The City of Dallas is looking for a private developer to deliver a long promised Vickery Meadow library branch.

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Seed Urban Neighborhoods with Micro Apartments 

Boston Globe


Most conversations about micro apartments start and end with their size.

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Antagonism Between Street Artists and Governments  

This Big City


If you have ever found yourself growing bored of walking around the city and seeing grey walls, uninteresting propaganda and corporate billboards, or tired of the constant hum of political bickering, then you should love Street Art.

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A Neighborhood Strength is People, Not Buildings 

Greater Greater Washington


When opponents of redevelopment say they want to protect the character of their neighborhood, what does that mean?

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Would Lego Footstep Bridge Encourage Ped Traffic 

Good Is


The footbridge is underrated. It really does not get enough love, though we can't figure out why.

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