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Urbanism & Design: East Portland Rises, Makeover For Dead Dallas Mall, TOD Tax Near Subways In India, Pedestrian Injuries & Crosswalks, Placemaking TOD


Biotech Firms Select Newer Urban Clusters 

Commercial Property Executive


Out with the old and in with the new seems to be the motto for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies today-at least when it comes to their real estate.

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East Portland Rises 

Oregon Business


In a city filled with food carts, Mark White is something of a pioneer.

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Dallas' Dead LBJ Mall to Get Walkable Makeover 

Dallas Morning News


An ambitious plan to transform dying Valley View Center and its environs into a neighborhood of apartments, retail, green space and entertainment venues is being presented Thursday to the Dallas Plan Commission and the public.

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India Will Soon Require a TOD Tax Near Subways 

Indian Express


The government has identified a tax revenue stream in rising property prices along Metro rail corridors in Indian cities.

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Pedestrians Struck by Cars Most Often in Crosswalk 

New York Times


Pedestrians struck by cars are most often hit while in the crosswalk, with the signal on their side.

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Designing TOD Around Public Space 

Better Cities and Towns


Development near transit stations is often compact and intense, but it offers another critical opportunity - placemaking.

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Expo Line Spurring TOD in Culver City 

Neon Tommy


Local media has reported on the apparent dearth of related development while the Expo Line was under construction.

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Housing Type Has Influence on Traffic Noise Effects 



Residents in terraced housing or apartments are less annoyed by road traffic noise than residents in semi-detached or detached housing.

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Towards a Family Friendly Downtown 

Seattle Transit Blog


In many North American cities a growing number of parents choose to stay downtown after they have children rather than immediately flee to the suburbs.

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SimCity's Broken Independence 

Radials Blog


You don't win SimCity 2000. There's no final cut scene after you figure out the golden ratio of commercial-to-residential zoning or light boxed VICTORY that pops up after you fit one last green/blue/yellow square onto the digital landscape.

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