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Urbanism & Design: Free Parking Fallacies, Why People Perceive Some Cities Safer, Houston Walkability Audit, SimCity Debacle


Free Parking Fallacies: Infographics 

My Parking Sign


We at MyParkingSign are in a unique position to discern trends in how people are managing their parking lots.

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Seaholm Redevelopment Finally Ready to Break Ground 

Austin American Statesman


It's been several years coming, but redevelopment work is set to begin on Austin's former Seaholm Power Plant site, with plans calling for a $100 million mixed-use project that will reinvigorate the area and add millions to the city's tax base over coming decades.

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Why People Perceive Some Cities as Safer Than Others 

The Atlantic Cities


Why do people feel safer in some cities than others? Is it a function of actual crime or of other factors that shape the way we perceive cities?

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Plano Wants Input on Ambitious Downtown Plan 

NBC Dallas Fort Worth


The city of Plano wants public input on its "ambitious" 10-year vision for downtown.

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Walkability Audit to Determine Houston Sidewalk Safety 

KUHF Houston


Members of AARP, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, took to the streets of the Museum District to conduct a "walkability audit" to determine how safe streets are.

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The SimCity Debacle, One Month On 



A month ago, Electronic Arts, a Bay Area-based video game producer and publisher, released its subsidiary's new and highly anticipated SimCity game.

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