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Urbanism & Design: Google's Southern Strategy, Top 10 Cities To Travel Car Free, LRT To Revitalize Poor Denver Area, Impact Of Driverless Cars


Google's Southern Strategy, Attractive City Clusters 

Seattle Times


The first paragraph from the Charlotte Observer's story might make one think that the South is getting ready to stick it to the high-tax, high-regulation West Coast again:

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Remnants of the Paris Guillotine 

Atlas Obscura, via: @urbanphoto_blog


Built at the entrance to the now closed and destroyed Prison de la Roquette, the five indents mark the place of five slabs that held together the foundation of the Paris guillotine.

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Top 10 US Cities to Travel Car Free 

Walk Score


Car-free trips might be the travel industry's next big trend. Explore a destination by foot, rent a bike for a few hours, zip across town thanks to public transit and take a day-trip excursion via car share.

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City Plan and LRT Look to Revitalize Poor Denver Neighborhood 

Denver Post, via: Bill Sadler


Colorado's poorest neighborhood is about to take a step toward a transformation that officials hope will lift up the impoverished residents, help connect them to the rest of the city and turn the area into one of Denver's jewels.

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RPA Working on New Long Term Plan for New York 

Second Avenue Sagas


In 1996, the RPA published its Third Regional Plan, and it became the report that launched a thousand fantasy maps.

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Will Driverless Cars Reshape Major Cities? 

Crikey: The Urbanist


Car makers say autonomous vehicles are imminent. If so, they could dramatically reshape our cities, yet current long-term planning for our biggest cities assumes they'll never happen

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Micro History of Every Block in Seatte's South Lake Union 



In most undergraduate history classes, students take tests and write a paper or two. But University of Washington history professor Dr. Margaret O'Mara decided to tap into her students' curiosity and their relationship with the web.

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Bill Fulton Urges Less Sprawl in Nashville 

Nashville Tennessean


Nashville should focus more on encouraging redevelopment and urban infill projects, and less on sprawling residential subdivisions, as it charts growth for the next quarter-century, a "smart growth" advocate says.

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