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Urbanism & Design: Missing Katrina HUD Money, Dallas' New Urban Center, India HUD To Plan Transit, Anchoring Transit Line Ends


$700M to Help Elevate New Orleans Homes Lost 



A new report by the Department of Housing and Urban Development paints a grim picture of a program that was supposed to help Louisiana's Katrina victims protect their homes from future storms - to the tune of $700 million in misplaced taxpayer money.

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Dallas' Plans for a New Urban Center 

Dallas Morning News


Here you'll find Jeff Weiss' morning-paper piece about the so-called Dallas Midtown project, a wholesale rezoning of more than 400 acres stretching from Valley View Center to the Galleria that'll replace deteriorating apartment complexes with a 20-acre park, a dying mall with fancy condos and luxury hotels and a sad office tower with an "iconic" [...]

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Transit Planning Under Housing Dept. in Bhubaneswar 

Times of India


Public transport services in the city and other urban areas of the state would be soon regulated by the state housing and urban development department (H&UD) instead of the transport department.

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Anchoring Transit to Two Destinations a Problem 

Pedestrian Observations


A major idea due to Jarrett Walker, adopted with gusto by Vancouver's Translink, is that transit should be anchored at both ends.

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The Post Office and Today's Urban Culture 

New Geography, via: Smart Growth America


The postal service has been ravaged by enormous deficits and massive layoffs. It will inevitably see the closing of thousands of buildings.

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Apple's Fortress Costs Balloon to $5B 

Bloomberg Businessweek


At what turned out to be his last public appearance, Steve Jobs stood before the Cupertino City Council on June 7, 2011, to present plans for a new corporate campus for Apple (AAPL).

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Could Rust Belt Rehabs Pencil w/ Loft Conversions 



A few weeks ago, Alan Mallach wrote on Rooflines about the mismatch between the buildings built for families of another era and the needs of today's potential city dwellers.

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Zappos CEO Wants Vegas Residents to Ditch Cars 



Regular readers are aware that my hopes for sustainability are largely bound up with cities. By the simple act of bringing people together in close proximity, cities encourage diversity, health, innovation, and economic growth.

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