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Urbanism & Design: New Urbanism On Stilts, Sabermetrics Of Urbanism, Zoning Rewrite Fights Sprawl, Transit & Urbanism


New Urbanism on Stilts, Literally 

Witold Rybczynski


Beachtown is a New Urbanism second-home village in Galveston. Construction began in 2005, after a protracted planning and permitting period.

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Identifying the Sabermetrics of Urbanism 



Since the beginning of the year I have spent numerous hours studying the book and movie Moneyball. Both the book and the movie resonate with me.

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Madison's Zoning Code Rewrite Aimed at Curbing Sprawl 

Capital Times


Madison initiated the process to update it zoning code in 2007 to comply with the state's Smart Growth law, which requires all municipalities in the state have updated comprehensive land-use plans - and zoning maps to match.

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Burst of Development Changing Austin's Mueller Development 

Austin Chronicle


If you live near the Mueller neighborhood, or regularly pass by, you're aware that quite a bit of change is in the Mueller air; the neighborhood has entered a new phase of rapid expansion and infill.

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We Need Transit and Urbanism Surrounding It 



Kate Wolford's Star Tribune commentary calling for more transit was spot on. Our peer cities (Denver, Portland, Charlotte, Salt Lake City, hell, even St. Louis!) are ahead of us in terms of built rail miles, lines and stations.

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Google Maps Redisgn Makes People Uneasy 

The Atlantic Cities


Google may or may not introduce a new design for Google Maps during its I/O developers conference next week, when the company will publicly discuss about "the future of Google Maps," but people are definitely complaining about the rumored design getting passed around the web today.

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Should DC Try to Curtail Pop Up Building Movement? 

Washington City Paper


Earlier this year, a three-story addition rose up above a two-story rowhouse like "a big middle finger" to its V Street NW neighbors. That was how the website DCist described it at the time.

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