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Urbanism & Design: NIMBYs Stifle Innovation, Urban Courtyards, Denver's New Density, Vancouver Parking Circa 1966, Financing Walkable Places


How NIMBYs are Stifling Neighborhood Innovation, Bars, Eating 

Slate Moneybox


How NIMBY stupidity is stifling urban bars and restaurants-and blocking a major opportunity for small-business growth.

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Long Live the Urban Courtyard! 



Courtyards aren't just for the wealthy - or European. Why Seattle developers should hop on the courtyard train to make private, serene urban spaces a possibility for all.

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Vanishing Buildings of the United States Postal Service 

Metropolis Magazine


It's no secret that the United States Postal Service is hitting hard times.

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After Decades of Sprawl, Density Comes to Denver 

The Atlantic Cities


Last week transportation officials in Denver made a trial run of the new West Rail Line

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Downtown Vancouver Parking in 1966 

Price Tags


While not eligible for the "America's Worst Parking Crater" contest, Andy Coupland thinks these shots from downtown Vancouver in 1966 are revealing:

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How Arlington County Avoided Traffic Nightmare 

Transportation Nation


While the District of Columbia grapples with proposed changes to its parking and zoning policies, last updated in 1958, nearby Arlington County, Virginia seems to have triumphed in its effort to minimize traffic congestion.

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Suisun City Has Long Practiced 'Smart Growth' 

Daily Republic, via: MTC Headlines


Vince Guisande has watched the transformation of Suisun City's Old Town during his 30 years running Tri City Glass & Mirror.

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How Do We Finance Walkable Neighborhoods 



A couple weeks ago, an article on the New York Times presented a new development near downtown Denver that is addressing health issues through design.

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Bangkok's Informal Realm Transforms 

Next City


As is the case in many developing cities, informality in Bangkok is virtually inseparable from the formal; indeed, it's often difficult to determine where the two diverge.

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A Freeway Cap for Glendale 

LA Streetsblog


For the most part, Glendale has received infrequent but positive coverage on Streetsblog Los Angeles.

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