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Urbanism & Design: Opportunities & Challenges In TOD, Dallas Freeway Teardown, Untapped Brownfields Assets


Why Are Chicago's Sidewalk Cafes on the North Side? 



Why the city's sidewalk oases thrive on the North Side, but barely survive on the South and West sides

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Opportunities And Challenges Involved In Promoting TOD 

Half Mile Circles


Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) has been embraced around the country as a means to achieve sustainability goals, including reduced auto dependency and traffic congestion, as well as improved economic competitiveness.

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A Freeway Teardown Idea in Dallas 

Next City


As the Texas Legislature's 2013 session came to a close on Sunday, the Dallas Morning News published a rundown of what state lawmakers achieved this year in terms of transportation.

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Amazon's Headquarters, Two Giant Balls 

Grist's proposed Seattle campus will be dominated by three gigantic Epcot-like glass domes, filled with plants from high elevations that can live in an office-building climate.

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Brownfields are Just Untapped Assets 



President Obama has made revitalizing local communities that have been hit hard by the decline of manufacturing a priority

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An American in Tokyo 

Per Square Mile


Standing in awe of Tokyo is cliche. The city dazzles, sometimes quite literally with its bright signs, jumbo Jumbotrons, and sea of pulsing red lights stretching from here to the high-rise-filled horizon.

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