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Urbanism & Design: Oregon Land Use Law Value, Dallas Freeway Teardown, NY Penn Station Plans, Salt Lake & CNU


Oregon Land Use Laws Still Valuable After 40 Years 

Statesman Journal


More than most places, Oregon is defined by its landscape. From coastal headlands, through interior valleys, past volcanic peaks and into high sagebrush desert, the land determines who we are.

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Tearing Down Dallas Freeway Makes Sense 

Dallas Morning News


It's been more than five months since the last public discussion concerning the need to repair, replace or raze altogether the highway separating downtown from Deep Ellum.

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Critical Moment for Penn Station, The Garden 

New York Times


The New York City Planning Commission last week took a significant but fatally flawed step toward improving the lives of millions of New Yorkers and others who use Pennsylvania Station, the nation's busiest transit hub.

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A History of Lower Second Avenue in NY 

New York Times


Lower Second Avenue isn't much these days, a honky-tonk collection of East Village tenements, not to be mentioned in the same breath as Fifth Avenue, and for a century and a half just another number.

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University Area Rebranded University City 

Charlotte Observer


Community leaders in University City are working on a plan to rebrand the area with a clearer identity and geographical boundary.

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Salt Lake Readies Itself for CNU Conference 

Salt Lake Tribune


Walkable communities. Bicycle lanes. Mass transit. Accessible public spaces. Planning that incorporates environmentalism.

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A Coffee Drive In for Cyclists 

Pop Up City


In order to further improve bicycle culture and infrastructure, the urban authorities in Zürich teamed up with a team of designers to launch a true coffee drive-in for cyclists.

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Radio: The Pros and Cons of Cities 



Malaria being defeated by cities, a green cityscape to cool buildings, and the fate of ancient Mesopotamian cities with parallels in modern day Syria.

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I-5 Bridge Collapse Exposes Priorities 

DC Streetsblog


In a searing reminder that the nation has to do a better job of keeping its infrastructure in safe working condition, the I-5 bridge between Burlington and Mt. Vernon, Washington, collapsed last night.

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Parklets Give Every Block a Little Park 

Greater Greater Washington


Residential density in DC is increasing at a faster rate than we can create public spaces for new residents to enjoy.

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