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Urbanism & Design: Prescriptive vs. Market Urbanism, Using Dev Fees For Transpo, Sim City Greenwashes Parking


Prescriptive vs. Market Urbanism 

City Block


From Ilan Greenberg in The New Republic - San Francisco's Gentrification Problem isn't Gentrification. Greenberg compares the public debate (often writen, and discussed previously here) in San Francisco compared to more the more familiar narrative in other cities.

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Shape-Shifting South Lamar in Austin 

Imagine Austin


When the Broken Spoke opened on South Lamar Boulevard, it was surrounded by crops in the fields. Today, rather startlingly, the little country dance hall is surrounded by a big midrise complex under construction, 704 at the Spoke.

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Using Development Fees to Pay for Transportation 

Human Transit


Travis Allan and Cherise Burda over at the Pembina Insitute, a Toronto-based energy think tank, have an interesting post up on the prospects of using real estate development charges as a funding mechanism for transit.

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Interview with Sim City Designer Stone Librande 

Bldg Blog


In the nearly quarter-century since designer Will Wright launched the iconic urban planning computer game, SimCity, not only has the world's population become majoritatively urban for the first time in human history, but interest in cities and their design has gone mainstream.

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How Sim City Greenwashes Parking 

Human Transit


Here's a shot of an edge city from the new SimCity. Notice what's missing?

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The Complex Simplicity of the Manhattan Street Grid 

Urban Times


Woven across Manhattan Island is a vast tapestry of street and block that has been so successful in organizing the forces of urban development, it's often hard to see the simple pattern that exists below the city's skyscraper forest.

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Why Historic Maps Still Matter So Much 

The Atlantic Cities


With 150,000 or so old print maps to his name, David Rumsey has earned his reputed place among the world's "finest private collectors."

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Let's Get Oakland Army Base Redevelopment Right 

Oakland Tribune


Another round of national jobs numbers came out from the Labor Department, received with a mixture of relief - "Whew, at least there's some growth" - and concern that it's just not enough.

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