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Urbanism & Design: Security Trumps Urbanism In NY, Charlotte Streetcar Gains Impress, Making Walking To School Safer


World Trade Center Security Will Kill Its Urbanism 

New York Times City Room, via: @witoldr


The wreckage had not been cleared from ground zero when planners and neighbors began imagining how the devastation of Sept. 11 could be redeemed, in some way, by a new World Trade Center

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Possible Streetcar Gains Impress City 

Charlotte Business Journals


Building the newly re-named CityLynx Gold Line - the streetcar to you and me - would generate significant gains in housing, retail and office development and hotels, according to a new city-commissioned study.

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Little Changes to Make Walking to School Safer 

Greater Greater Washington


Montgomery County could do a lot to make walking to school safer and more convenient, and at little cost.

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Non-Metro Areas Experienced Population Loss 

USDA Economic Research Service, via: Smart Growth America


The number of people living in nonmetropolitan (nonmetro) counties now stands at 46.2 million-15 percent of U.S. residents spread across 72 percent of the land area of the U.S.*

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A Word of Caution Before CNU 21 Conference 

Better Cities and Towns


I wanted to attend the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) 21 in Salt Lake City this year (coming May 29-June 1) but, alas, I can't. As a municipal planner, it seems my ability to go to conferences is directly tied to my City's prosperity.

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How Skate Parks Can Transform Urban Areas 

Global Site Plans


Nowadays, skateparks seem to be the new form of the traditional town squares we all remember visiting during our childhood and adolescence years.

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Does Living Near Fast Food Increase Obesity Risk? 

The Atlantic Cities


Just as there are "food deserts" in American cities with a shortage of full-service grocery stores, many neighborhoods suffer from a parallel (if related) problem: an oversupply of fast food.

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'Urban village' Bay Meadows Takes Shape 

San Francisco Chronicle


On land once home to a horse track south of San Francisco, the finishing touches on an urban village are being applied. Bay Meadows, which first started as an 87-acre development in 1997, will see its first residential development completed by summer.

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