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Urbanism & Design: Selling Federal Property, Sydney Transit-Friendly Plaza, Grants Fund Twin Cities TOD, Vizualizing Flying Cities


GSA Has Property to Sell, But Its Not Easy 

New York Times, via: @bruce_katz


As government agencies are forced to do more with less, the General Services Administration has stepped up its efforts to dispose of surplus government buildings across the country in new and more profitable ways, instead of simply auctioning them off.

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Transit-Friendly Plaza Sprouts in Sydney 

C40 Blog


The City of Sydney has announced plans for a revitalized city center, starting with a project that will remove cars from congested main thoroughfare and transform the area into a spacious plaza, complete with trees and pedestrians.

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Grants Help Fund Twin Cities TOD 

Minnesota Post


One of the arguments for investing in improved transit in major corridors is that it attracts new development.

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Build to Lines vs. Active Streets 

Strong Towns


Last week's post about "Good Enough Urbanism" sparked a lot of conversation and ruffled a lot of feathers.

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Storefronts Designed in Lego Could be New Sets 

From Bricks to Bothans


The latest project to achieve its 10,000 supporters over at LEGO CUUSOO is the Mini Shop Series by Pekko.

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Visualizing Flying Cities 

Digital Urban


Flying Cities is a concept animation by Stefan Haberkorn - it is one of the best uses of Lumion we have seen so far.

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Connecting Sustainable Transport and Development in India 

The City Fix


In 2011, nearly 350 million people lived in Indian cities. More than 300 million new residents will join them over the next few decades to become part of the new urban India.

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How Much Space Do We Have in Cities? 

Per Square Mile


Andrew Bergmann's take on population density in select cities around the world for CNN Money.

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Tulsa Wins Award for Largest Downtown Parking Crater 

DC Streetsblog


Streetsblog readers have spoken - and they have annointed Tulsa, Oklahoma, as the champion of Parking Madness, our hunt for the worst parking crater in an American downtown.

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Donut Development Outside the Core Waning 

Minnesota Post


Consider the doughnut. You may think it's a tasty treat, but for urbanists, the popular baked good has served as a metaphor for the American city

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