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Urbanism & Design: Smarter Development Rule Book, Lessons From Chicago Suburb, Albuquerque's Answer To Sprawl, Cincinnati Staircases


A Simpler, Smarter Rule Book for Development in Sacramento 

Sacramento Bee


There are very good reasons why the building industry and business groups, architects and design organizations, and environmental, bicycling and walking advocates all support modernizing Sacramento's cumbersome and antiquated zoning code.

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Lessons from Olmstead's Riverside Suburb in Chicago 

Outlaw Urbanist


We are not anti-suburb. In fact, quite the opposite. By definition, cities grow at their edges and suburbs have played a vitally important role in the growth of cities for thousands of years (even if the modern use of the term 'suburb' only first emerged during the 19th century).

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San Francisco Hunter's Point, Treasure Island Deals Fall Apart 

Curbed SF


Speaking of billion dollar developments, the $1.7 billion financial deal to develop 12,500 homes in the Hunter's Point neighborhood and thousands more on Treasure Island has fallen apart.

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Development in Denver Transport Maze Made Possible by Transit 



A $100 million project proposing to create a design neighborhood at a former printing plant adjacent to a notorious interstate intersection is being made possible by Denver's light rail expansion, and the involvement of a renowned architect.

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Albuquerque's Manhattan Sized Answer to Sprawl 

Fast Company Coexist


Mesa Del Sol's is the New Mexico city's attempt to keep its residents from spilling out into the surrounding desert.

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Cincinnati's Public Staircases 

Global Site Plans


In recent decades, public staircases have been subject to a great deal of controversy in most cities, often viewed as places which are commonly associated with dangerous illegal activities such as crime, drug use, and even violence.

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A New Way to Measure Neighborhood Amenities 

Walk Score Blog


It's great to see more cities adopting plans with goals around access to neighborhood amenities.

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Austin Approves Scrapping Downtown Parking Requirements 

Austin Business Journals


Austin City Council on Thursday approved an ordinance to scrap rules requiring developers to include a minimum number of parking spaces when a new downtown building goes up.

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