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Urbanism & Design: Transformative Alleyway, SF Mini Plaza OK'd, Turning Persian Rug Into A City, Parking Hell, Wooden Skyscrapers


Can the Alleyway Transform Downtown Austin 

KUT News


When you think about downtown Austin, do you ever think about the spaces between the buildings?

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Planning Commission Approves Mini Plaza 

SF Streetsblog


A plan to add a mini plaza and pedestrian safety improvements at Market and Dolores streets was approved by the SF Planning Commission on Thursday.

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Turning a Persian Rug Into a City 

The Atlantic Cities


What does a rug look like in three dimensions? One answer: the work of Vanouver-based artist Babak Golkar.

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Washington DC Growing at the Center 

Greater Greater Washington


After years of rapid population growth, greater Washington might be slowing down. However, the real story is where most regional growth is happening

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Parking is Hell 

Transportation Nation


Our friends at Freakonomics Radio take on the perennial puzzle of automotive life: where to put your car when it's not moving.

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Giving People What They Want Might Not Be 

Drawing Rings Around the World


There's a school of thought which says that since people generally say they want big houses with gardens then that's what we should be building and not small flats in city centre locations.

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Why Not Skyscrapers Out of Wood? 

Atlantic Cities


After ruinous fires that laid waste to wide swaths of the urban landscape, cities more than a century ago were eager for technology to come to the rescue, with new building materials and methods.

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Green HQs Have Tons of Parking, Not Green 

Treehugger, via: VK


Bloomberg Business Week looks at the three big new office complexes being built by Apple, Google and Facebook and titles its article Silicon Valley Tech Giants Plan Super-Green Campuses.

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