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Urbanism & Design: Urbanist Bracket Challenge, Classical Music As Crime Deterent, Tulsa Vs. Milwaukee In Parking, Zurich Bike-In Cafe


Winner of the Urbanist Bracket Challenge 

The Atlantic Cities


Now that the Unpaid Pro Basketball Championship is out of the way, we can finally get to the competition that has consumed much of my desktop for the last month: the Urbanist Toolkit Bracket Challenge of 2013.

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El Paso's Famous Asarco Smokestacks Coming Down 

El Paso Development News


Two enormous demolition events will occupy El Paso's coming weekend as both the Asarco smokestacks and the former City Hall building are leveled.

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Does Classical Music Really Deter Crime at Train Stations? 

Transportation Nation


Move along, hoodlums. Antonio Vivaldi is playing at Newark Penn Station.

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Tulsa vs. Milwaukee for Biggest Parking Crater 

DC Streetsblog


This is it - the final, epic showdown of Parking Madness.

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A Bike-In Cafe Pops Up in Zurich


Zurich is already a bike-friendly city, with plenty of bike lanes, a third of all Zürchers biking at least twice a week, and some innovative tech like traffic lights that automatically recognize bicycles and let them go ahead of other vehicles.

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New Subway Kiosks Will Guide Riders 

New York Times Cityroom


Coming this summer to as many as 120 screens around New York City: "On the Go!"

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Las Vegas a Dilemma of Its Own Design 

Price Tags


It's been over a year since I produced an issue of the 'traditional' Price Tags: a multi-page pdf file on a single topic, typically profiling aspects of a single city.

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Mixed Use is More Than Just Housing Over Retail 

Better Cities and Towns


Citizens, politicians, and planning officials have embraced the need to allow for walkable neighborhoods across North America and mixed-use is an essential component for achieving walkability.

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