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Urbanism & Design: Urbanizing Where We Are, Obamacare's Impact On Land Use, NJ Urban Hub Tax Credits, Food Demographics


How Can We Urbanize Where We Are? 

Bacon's Rebellion


Around the country, local governments are proposing plans to re-develop aging office parks as urban-style, mixed-use complexes, reports the Wall Street Journal, which cited the Innsbrook office park in Henrico as a case in point.


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How Obamacare Could Change Land Use 

Urban Land Institute


As the Affordable Care Act is implemented, both the healthcare industry and the real estate owners and developers who provide space for the delivery of healthcare services remain uncertain about the future.


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New Jersey Urban Hub Tax Credits a Big Handout 

Next City


In 2011, Panasonic received $102.4 million in tax credits from the state of New Jersey to move its North American headquarters nine miles (yes, nine miles) from Secaucus to Newark, thanks to an Urban Transit Hub tax credit program put in place during former governor Jon Corzine's regime.


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Ricotta as an Indicator of Shifting Demographics 

Urban Omnibus


In her essay, below, Morris charts the shifting demographics of one pocket of Brooklyn using an indicator that is, now more than ever, ubiquitous in contemporary discussion about New York City: the culture of food.


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Chart: Worst Offenders on Sprawl Subsidies 

Streetsblog Net


Despite the ruinous housing crisis just a few years ago, the federal government still keeps the suburban sprawl machine humming.


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Big Cities Showing Strong Growth 



Urban renewal? New census estimates show that most of the nation's largest cities further enhanced their allure last year, posting strong population growth for a second straight year.


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