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Urbanism & Design: Why Retail Matters, Urbanism w/o Effort, Walkability, Woonerfs


Why Retail Matters

Better Cities and Towns


Recently I criticized the design of a supposedly nonpolluting, “net zero” Walgreens in Evanston, Illinois.

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Urbanism without Effort

My Urbanist


As many of you know, I’ve spent many exciting and rewarding years exploring and documenting cities around the world, as a land use/environmental attorney, as a writer, and for my own enjoyment.

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Walkability Is Critical to Health, Wealth, and Sustainability

Motley Fool


In the following interview, we speak with Jeff Speck, author of Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time.

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A Look at Those Shared Streets Called Woonerfs

New York Times, via: Planetizen


“Woonerf” is what the Dutch call a special kind of street or group of streets that functions as shared public space — for pedestrians, cyclists, children and, in some cases, for slow-moving, cautiously driven cars as well.

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Krugman Endorses Weighted Density

New York Times, Paul Krugman, via: Crikey, The Urbanist


There’s an interesting discussion underway about whether rising population necessarily leads to rising land prices over time. Bill McBride of Calculated Risk says yes:

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