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Urbanism & Design: Zappos Inconvenient Office, Saving Schools & Libraries, Young Moving Downtown In Pittsburgh, Digital Mapping & Cartography


An Intentionally Inconvenient Office in Las Vegas 

Business Insider


Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh recently jumped into the debate over working from home that was sparked by Yahoo's recall of its remote workers, telling CNBC that he feels that it's difficult to build a strong company culture when you have lots of telecommuters.


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Saving Schools and Libraries by Giving Up their Land 

New York Times


The Brooklyn Heights library is neither the oldest nor the most dilapidated branch of the Brooklyn Public Library system. But the 52-year-old limestone building is nonetheless ripe for demolition.


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The Young Moving to Downtown Pittsburgh 

Pittsburgh Post Gazette


It doesn't sound like much, but new and longtime Lawrenceville residents were excited last week when Diamond Cleaners opened in the 5200 block of Butler Street.


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Goodbye to St. Louis' Glascow Village Shopping Center 

Best STL


Glasgow Village is a perfect example of an inner ring suburb that sprung up along the City of St. Louis border in the early 1950s.


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With Digital Mapping, Cartography at a Crossroads 

The Atlantic Cities


The rise of photography put painters in a bind. Since the late Middle Ages, Western artists had relentlessly refined their technique in an attempt to craft the perfect imitation of life.


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