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Sustainable and Resilient Communities: A Comprehensive Action Plan for Towns, Cities, and Regions

"Sustainable and Resilient Communities: A Comprehensive Action Plan for Towns, Cities, and Regions" is described as a step-by-step action plan guidebook for making communities resilient, resourceful, and healthy. The book by Stephen J. Coyle includes work contributed by Sam Zimbabwe, director of the Center for Transit-Oriented Development.

Zimbabwe's portion of Chapter 5 is entitled "Sustainable Transportation and Transit Planning — Strategies for Comprehensive Regional Transportation Plans and Transit-Oriented Development" and includes action guides on "Transportation for Livable Communities" and "Transit-Oriented Development."  The section speaks to transportation planning and transit-oriented development as core strategies in addressing sustainable communities planning. It also includes sections on developing programs and strategies to implement TOD.

From the product description on Amazon:

Many of today's communities face an unprecedented struggle to adapt and maintain their environmental, economic, and social well-being in an era beleaguered by fiscal constraints, uncertainty about energy prices and supplies, rapid demographic shifts, and accelerated climate impacts. This step-by-step guidebook for urban planners and urban designers explains how to create and implement an actionable plan for making neighborhoods, communities, and regions more environmentally healthy, resource-conserving, and economically resilient. Sustainable and Resilient Communities delineates measures for repairing, retrofitting, and transforming our built environments and supporting systems—transportation, energy, water, natural environment, food production, solid waste, and economics—through:

  • Methods for assessing a community's key sustainability quotient
  • Deploying tools for establishing timely performance goals and metrics
  • Developing strategies for evaluating, selecting, and implementing 'high-leverage' interventions
  • Activating policies, codes, programs, plans, and practices, as well as monitoring and upgrading their performance

The book includes a range of targeted case studies, from New Orleans and South Carolina to Arizona and California, illustrating geographically diverse approaches for urban contexts large and small.

A resource for developing an ecological urbanism, Sustainable and Resilient Communities employs time-proven, broadly applicable strategies and actions that can be customized for specific environmental, energy, and economic conditions.

The book is available on Amazon.