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TCRP Report 27 - Building Transit Ridership: An Exploration of Transit's Market Share and the Public Policies That Influence It

TCRP Project H-4A is concerned with transit’s ridership and its share of the market. The project has examined a number of different policies that might be pursued at a local or metropolitan area level—with or without federal or state government encouragement—that have some potential for increasing transit’s market share, or at least maintaining it under otherwise unfavorable market conditions. The set of policies examined is a diverse and somewhat idiosyncratic one: it ranges from quite micro-level service adjustments made unilaterally by a transit operator, through initiatives requiring significant interagency cooperation, to strategies that  would markedly affect the travel conditions of the whole metropolitan area, whether using transit or a private vehicle. The choice of policies was influenced, in part, by a wish to avoid otherwise promising options (such as parking management and pricing) that are the subject of more intensive investigation in ongoing TCRP peer studies.