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New Places, NewChoices: Transit-Oriented Development in the San Francisco Bay Area

In this publication, we feature 10 representative transit-oriented developments that were recently built or are in the process of taking shape. We selected these to convey a sense of the diversity and appeal of this style of community-building enterprise, and to give an idea of why someone might choose to live or work in one of these locations. And, make no mistake, it’s the choosing that is most important. Notwithstanding all the substantial merits from a public policy point of view — transit- and land-use efficiency, air quality benefits, health advantages, energy savings and the like — TODs will succeed only when people freely choose to live in them. The urban and suburban dwellers who opt for TODs do so because the developments offer a practical, preferable, more environmentally friendly — and often more affordable — way to live and travel in our increasingly complex Bay Area.