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Forming Partnerships to Promote Transit-Oriented Development and Joint Development

Abstract: This Recommended Practice guides transit agencies in partnering with businesses and community entities to promote transit-oriented development (TOD) and joint development (JD).

Summary: Numerous transit agencies have worked since the 1970s to encourage transit-oriented development and to pursue joint development programs or individual joint development projects. Generally, these projects refer to the same type of transit-supportive development; the distinction lies in who is sponsoring and who is involved in the project. The guidance provided in this document draws on that experience and provides a range of practices and techniques to consider. The practices and examples presented in this document are organized into three main sections: guidelines for defining internal agency policies and processes for pursuing joint development and transit-oriented development; guidelines for joint-development processes and partnerships; and guidelines for achieving public support to establish a shared vision for transit-oriented development.

Scope and purpose: This Recommended Practice includes guidelines to assist transit agencies in defining policies and practices for advancing, supporting and implementing transit-oriented development and joint development. Successful projects require partnerships with real estate developers, local governments and citizens. This Recommended Practice is for both transit agencies seeking to form partnerships, and for individuals, organizations or local government staff and elected officials seeking to partner with transit agencies on transit-oriented development or joint development.

Summary of Recommendations:

  • Follow signal recommended principles for successful partnerships
  • Properly vet the legal framework that governs your agency
  • Focus on internal coordination efforts to establish a multidisciplinary team charged with pursuing JD/TOD opportunities
  • Planning for TOD during system planning can enhance ratings in FTA New Stats cri-teria submittal
  • Maintain realistic expectation to achieve ultimate goals
  • Have a thorough understanding of all ap-plicable state and federal regulations
  • Educate stakeholders to understand that TOD will be part of the community’s future